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Home Assembly Jobs

Home assembly jobs can earn you some money to help pay the bills each month. While they are not the most profitable type of home job, they can still earn you a little money. Some home assembly jobs are better then others, you need to look around to find the right home assembly job for you.

In most cases what will happen is you first sign up, and then the company will send you materials to assemble the crafts from home. You assemble the crafts and then you send them back to the company in exchange for your pay.

There seem to be better and better companies available each day. On this page we list some of the best home assembly jobs we found on the internet. Some may require a sign up fee, while other home assembly jobs are free to join.

Home assembly jobs are mostly good for people that are good with their hands. In most cases you need to pay attention to details when you assemble the crafts.

Here are some of the best home assembly jobs.

Disciple Cross - With Disciple Cross you first become a member and pay 69.95 and then they will send you the supplies to get started. With the supplies you will be able to make 25 disciple crosses. You can earn $500 a week or more assembling crosses for Disciple Cross. You don`t have to do any selling with this program either. Please note that this opportunity is only available to residents of the United States.

American Diversified Publications - With the economy getting tougher and tougher each day, home assemblers are becoming a valuable commodity to many small businesses across the United States. American Diversified's Publication currently offers over 100 different easy to assemble items such as CD Cases, Beaded Jewelry, Circuit Boards, Picture Frames, Key Chains, and many more.

The wonderful thing about home assembly is that you, the home worker can assemble numerous different items at the same time to increase your earning potential. All items will be shipped to your door postage paid, all you have to do is assemble the product and return it back to the company for your paycheck.

Easy Work Connection - With this company you first fill out your name and address and they will send you a free starter kit. What this kit includes is your application, list of jobs, and all detailes to work from home.


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